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May 26th

April 28th
Today we joined our fourth grade buddies to hear all about their Native American PowWow projects. Fourth graders did a great job showcasing their learning and second graders were great listeners.  They described everything from the hunting of buffalo, the building of Earth Lodges, and traditional Earth Lodge ceremonies.

March 31st

We had a great time with our learning buddies this week.  We played two new games that Ms. Sexton and I learned at a recent math workshop we went to.  They are called, "Roll/Draw 5" and "Odd One Out."  In the first game students draw or role to determine a target number and then draw or roll to get 5 additional numbers to work with.  They can use addition, subtraction, or multiplication and division to write an equation that equals the target number.  They great thing about this game is that it can target so many operations, skills, and is differentiated for all levels of math students.  In the second game, students set up tiles in 3 rows of 3, 5, and 7 tiles.  On a player's turn he or she can remove as many as one whole row or as few as 1 tile.  Tiles can only be removed in rows and you must remove some on each turn, you cannot forfeit a turn.  The object is to be the person to clear the board by removing the final token(s).  There is an immense amount of strategy in this game, and students have begun to ask questions like:
1.  Does it matter who goes first?
2.  What if I only take an even or odd amount each turn?
3.  How can I set up a situation where there is one tile in two different rows?
4.  I wonder why it's called "Odd One Out?"  What exactly does this mean and how can it help me?
They will continue to play this game in stations next week and test out some of these strategies.

March 27th

Here is our classroom contract, or "Promise to Each Other."  In order to create this bee themed wordle, students had to brainstorm words to complete these sentences:
How do we want people to be, or act in this classroom?
How do we want people to think in this classroom?
How do we want people to feel in this classroom?
The words that appear bigger were the ones that were most important to them; therefore they showed up on the brainstorm lists the most.
Be Positive
Be Safe
Be Welcoming
Be Hardworking
Be Happy
Be Helpful
Be Nice
Be Kind
Be Your Best

Feel Proud
Feel Confident
Feel Important
Feel Included

Think Positive
Think Carefully
Think Positively
Think of Others


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