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June 5th

Clothing for Students:  I would recommend that students come dressed and ready rather than changing at school.  It will slow down our preparations at arrival time.
Boys - with the weather looking warmer, it seems like shorts rather than pants will be preferred.  The requirement for boys is to wear a plain white shirt (short or long sleeved) and can be button down or not.  The vest will go over the white shirt.  For bottoms, they need to wear plain shorts/pants (not mesh/athletic and not with any wild prints).  Finally, a pair of tall socks that can be pulled up to the knee and can fit over pants if they choose to wear pants.  Each boy has a hat at school that he will wear, along with the haversack that they each sewed.
Girls - each girl has picked out a dress, or has a family member making one.  They can choose to wear the dress as is, or with shorts and a top underneath.  They won't be taking the dresses off if wearing something underneath, but I know …