May 12th

For the last couple of weeks we've been busy with our Colonial studies.  First, we learned about the first English settlement established in 1607, called Jamestown.

Next, students got a tiny glimpse into what life was like on the 66 day ocean journey on the Mayflower.  After landing on Cape Cod and anchoring the Mayflower, two smaller boats called shallops went in search of a better location to settle and founded Plymouth.

We also got started with craft workshops this week.  Girls and boys are getting the knack of sewing and are completing the stitches necessary to make their vests, aprons, haversacks, pockets, and bonnets.  We will finish up sewing this week and move onto stenciling of wall hangings and checkerboards, and the hammering of copper to make lanterns.

Important News, Announcements and Dates
Parents Invited to 2nd Grade Chorus for a Sing Along
Wednesday, May 24th and Wednesday, June 14th
Parents come into music room at 10:55

Monday, May 29th - Memorial Day, No School

Thursday, June 8th - Colonial Day

Thursday, June 15th - 2nd Grade Morning Trip to Webster Cottage in Town

Friday, June 16th - 2nd Graders Celebrate Colonial House Birthday

Monday, June 19th - Author Visit

Wednesday, June 21st - Learning Buddy Day

Thursday, June 22nd - 5th Grade Send Off and Last Day of School


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