May 26th

We are gearing up for Colonial Day!  The children have been hard at work stenciling checkerboards and wall hangings, hammering patterns into copper to make lanterns, sewing vests, haversacks, aprons, bonnets and preparing bonnets.  They have started to cross stitch an apple, sewed and tied yarn onto a sock for a stick horse, and practiced writing in calligraphy.  They learned the names of important Hanover Colonial people, like the founder of Dartmouth College, Eleazor Wheelock and the first Native American student, Samson Occom.  They have each chosen the name of the person they want to portray on Colonial Day.  We have begun a timeline of events, which includes the founding of Jamestown, Plymouth, the French and Indian War, The Treaty of Paris, and most recently, the Stamp and Townshend Acts.  We have been enjoying, "Tea" together during each snack time, but King George has been strict with us and has limited the quality and amount of tea.  Room 210's Colonists are becoming rather frustrated and have even written a petition letter to the King asking him to remove the unnecessary taxes.

This week we will be rehearsing our Dame School, Town Crier and Peddler Re-enactments, learning about different Colonial trades, making the first Colonial flag created by Betsy Ross, and visiting the Colonial house to review the expectations for Colonial Day.  We have two more craft workshops coming up, one on June 5th, which will be a follow-up to the last one.  Those students who did stick horse prep will start cross stitch and vice versa.  On June 7th we will prepare our soup and baked goods to be eaten on Colonial Day.  I'll be reviewing the volunteer sheet this week to see where there might be gaps, as well as sending an email with small details for the day (i.e. what volunteers should wear, what students should wear on their feet, and timing of different activities during the day).

I don't assign homework in the month of June, and given that this week will be the end of May and the beginning of June, I am not going to send home a menu.  Rather, second graders should continue to read and record on the calendar.  The May calendar can be turned in on Friday, June 2nd.

Webster Cottage Field Trip
Our class, along with Mrs. Vashel's class will travel together to Webster Cottage on June 15th.  We will tour the house and learn about the history of it and see many artifacts.  Please return the permission form ASAP.

We had some fun drawing and playing games with our buddies this week.  Check out the Hive Happenings page for photos.


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