March 31st

We had a great time this week learning some new math games, working on biography posters, writing about people in our families, and learning about where in the world the ancient Maya lived.  As we explore more about the Maya, students will learn some of their customs, how they farmed, their calendar, glyphs, base 20 system, and some of their inventions or contributions to today's world.

Next week I hope we will get all of the posters on the wall in the library, biography informational writing written, typed, recorded, and QR coded so that others in the school can scan and enjoy these second grader's hard work.

Be sure to check out updates to several of the pages on the main page of the blog!

Important Upcoming Dates
April Break - April 17th-21st
2nd Grade Trip to Fort No. 4 - Thursday, May 11th


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